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I fell off the roof

ughhh... today has not been a good day.

Something hapened on the roof of the arena and they needed someone small and limber to go up and fix it. So natually they all nomintae me because I'm the smallest on the tour. So I climb up and they tell me to what to do and i fixed it but when I was making my way down i was like 40 feet from the ground and I lost my footing and started to slid and then I just kinda rolled of the side. I fell off the roof today. So yea, i'm ok. My arm hurts like hell and i kinda just laid there for a second. Afterwards Mark and Tom (The Ties bassist) helped me to the bus and they gave me some medicine to make the pain go away. I feel stoned. haha I have a scar on my arm from something but I don't know what I hit. Oh yea, and this isn't my first time falling off a roof. When I was 4 my brother told me that I could fly. He was joking around with me but didn't know i believed him. I climbed out of my bedroom window and up onto the roof and splat. Needless to say I didn't fly. I hate roofs and obviously they hate me.

Tomorrow is the last day of practice. Then the day after tomorrow we start the tour. Yayness.

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