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I'm Shaylee Strachan. Shaylee Vevina Eithne Strachan. Let's just pretend that's it for now, okay? I don't feel like going into my past. Especially since my past doesn't matter any more.

Hmm, let's see. I'm an only child, an orphan, and - wait, I wasn't going to go there. Backtracking.

I have a cold. And my chest hurts.

Messy kitchens are the devil, you know. Just the devil. And whoever invented scullery maids should just die.

Yes, that's me. The live-in scullery maid. And the live-in nursery maid. I'm practically a nanny for Ada, though.

Ada is so adorable. She has curly red hair and brown eyes. And she's perfectly normal even. Not like the people where I come from. Nope, you could never call *them* normal. What with all their - wait, wasn't going to go there...

Ehh. Maybe this is impossible to do. Maybe I can't keep my past a secret. Maybe it's too much a part of me to just stop existing, and I can't ignore it.

But I'm damn well going to try.
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