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My Fake Journal

The Lives of Us

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Do you ever wish you had something fun or exciting to post on LiveJournal but you realize you'd be lying because your own life is so BORING? Well here's your chance to write those crazy experiences and be a god of your own design!

Whoa, you guys. This is a totally crazy idea I came up with but I know I'm going to have a lot of fun with it (I don't really expect anyone else to though. I'm a nutcase).

Basically, what you do is:
1) Come up with a fake identity: name, age, etc.
2) Introduce your fake self in your first post. Feel free to be as crazy/weird as you like.
3) Any time you get the urge to write about something that "happened" to your fake self, post it in here!
4) As you come up with crazier stories, your fake self becomes crazier and everyone will see how hilarious you are. Go buck wild.

Some ideas:
-Be a person who has devoted their life to being abducted by aliens as many times as they can.
-Be a person who is from another time.
-Be a person who is a washed-up Hollywood star.
-Be a person who can only write in rhyme.
-Be a person who is obsessed with one celebrity (this is your chance to live out your secret obsession, wink wink).
-Be a person who is a celebrity.
-Be a person addicted to licking the tin lids off of yogurt containers.
-Be a person who is a secret agent.
-Be a person who bitches about every movie they see.
-Be a person just like you... only cooler!
-Be your mom.
-Be your cat.

And so on...
But PLEASE don't be a person who is addicted to posting internet quizzes.

donarepa aka: Captain Jack Lytning
punk_kitteness aka: Felina
kendramarsh aka: Keda
mascara_queen aka: Darcy
dork0326 aka: Molly Anderson
charmless aka: Sapph, aka: Uberdyke
new_as_used aka: Devin
radikal00 aka: Rio Pantalones
kyjoe102683 aka: Joey
bahootz aka: Chips
crazylacey1616 aka: Dr. Love
sashperve aka: Sasha
floggingwally aka: "Jean d'Eaux"
historyavenger aka: Jarred
crziecheezitgrl aka: Lola Andrews
summercamp aka: Dirk Savage
xanderexcel aka: Fred Sampson
bitter_crimson aka: Nolan Simmons
sundaymornings aka: Quince
subsonicmonkey aka: Velcromico
nepo aka: Kenzie Mai Stewart
thekidsnotfine aka: Riff
hawk_merchguy aka: Hawk