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The Housewife

say hi to the housewife!

Hi there! I let myself sleep in a bit today...but because it's Saturday that means that the kids are home and needy as ever. I've got a lot on my plate for the day.

1. laundry
2. clean the damn house (why can't the kids be old enough to do it all for me?!)
3. and of course get the kids off to their friend's houses that they are sleeping over at tonight.
4. after they've naughty with "Daddy." ;)

I call him Daddy...I'm a bit of a submissive lady. I call myself the housewife because it makes Daddy feel all in control...and frankly, I like it like that. After the lights go out with the kids or like tonight, when they are off at other houses, Daddy and I get nice and frisky. And why shouldn't we??! We're still young and have spice left in us...plenty of it, as you'll see. :) Daddy told me he really wants me to post in here about everything. I do as he says and gladly. *slutty smile*

GrRRR...the kids are nagging on me...good thing that can't see what I'm writing. I'd feel like a really bad mother then.

Alright to make some breakfast (cartoons that they like have ended). OOp...Daddy just gave me a that's sexy!

More later!
p.s. working on an icon. :)
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