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My name is Roberto Vieira

I am from an exotic place that i will remain nameless because it's not of your fucking bussiness.

I am 21 years old, im very attractive, that's a fact since i am a model. I have no problem with guys or girls. Im homosexual and im in the closet.

I haven't found an interesting guy. The ones i've known treated me really bad. The only ones i've felt something are far away from where i live.. but...

I'm not the perfect guy.

-I talk about people behinds back.
-I am a hypocrit
-I pretend to be someone im not (wich is being happy)

But i learned that from life. People were like that with me. So i will treat them the same they way they did.

-I like to call people names
-I trash people with other friends...
-I avoid arguments when im on them..

I am a bad guy.. like some of you GUYS are.

until the next post.
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