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Hello again!

Hey, it's me Dr. Love, again. How's life treating you? I left Washington state, with a flash and boy do I miss slurpees. For some odd reason, I would crave slurpees which the 711's in Washington ran full of.
I am now, sitting in an office, on my laptop replying to e-mails. I am in a counseling office, on a special invite to counsel a couple on thier love life. Or more so, thier making love life seems to be the pitts. So they paid me to come here to help out. I should have fun! I hope. :-)
I ran across a store, in Portland Oregon on the way here that sold spells. A guy behind the counter was devloping potions containing LSD I thought, but actually he felt that he could create and sell love spells. I bought a few vials, just for the fun of it. I am actually going to try them out. He seemd to pop in and out of the room, very fast though, which was very mysterious.....
Till the next time!
This is Dr. Love, signing off!
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