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Kenzie Mai Stewart

Hrm... Not much to say today. Still trying to figure out what all of that "junk" in that grave was. The shoes that I kept are beginning to smell like pine trees. The more I wear them the more comfortable they become. I think they are somehow possessed. I keep doing all these weird side-steps when walking down the street in them. I no longer wear them to work because I fell off the scaffolding when the shoes decieded to beging jogging around. Luckily I was wearing my safety harness and a co-worker pulled me back up. I have to admit I was very scared. I ripped the shoes off immediately and almost threw them to the ground. I didn't because I realized that people could get hurt if I threw the shoes from 80 stories up. Sometimes, I think that the shoes are calling to me. It's spooky, that's for sure.
Well, back to cleaning windows for now, the mint julep break is almost over. Tonight I am off to dig some more graves. I hope I don't find anything else.
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